A Flash of Shame

One of the benefits of working in a grocery store is that we are encouraged to try new products.  Holiday cookies trays are eagerly ripped apart and new cheeses are paired with grapes and crackers in our breakroom.  This is routine in our store, which is more relaxed than other locations in the company. Recently,... Continue Reading →

94th N Jack, Reality check from AP.9

  The first time I saw AP.9 perform wasn’t even at an AP.9 show.  A little less than a decade ago (don’t hold me to that as these years are admittedly foggy) my friend and I were at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz for an Andre Nickatina concert.  Per our routine, we sat in his... Continue Reading →

Reading & Addiction

  I was recently introduced to the enchanting world of Powell’s City of Books in Portland and I was amazed at not only the sheer size of the store, but the organization of it all.  My girlfriend and I floated between rooms leisurely picking books off of the shelves, occasionally skimming the pages looking for... Continue Reading →

The Grilled Cheese Grill – Portland, OR

I had always heard that Portland was a great food city, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what we experienced.  My girlfriend and I recently drove up the coast of northern California and Oregon eventually landing in Portland one afternoon. After dumping our luggage, we hit the streets looking for The Grilled Cheese Grill, which... Continue Reading →

Pop-Culture Breakdown – Green Room (FILM)

With October quickly approaching, it's time to take a step back from summer's Hollywood blockbusters and explore up-and-coming horror specialist Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room.  Saulnier lured established actors Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin to the set after the success of his critically acclaimed film Blue Ruin released in 2013.    This film follows the young... Continue Reading →

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